Male impotency is a very serious health condition that can lead to depression or stress when it is not attended to in time. Today there are several drugs that can cure this problem when they are used as recommended. Sildenafil is one of the drugs that have been approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction. This is the best drug that has remained popular in the market because it has very few side effects. Sildenafil performs its duties by blocking the PDE -5 enzymes which in turn allows more blood to flow into the penis and hence an erection occurs.

Not everybody can use Sildenafil Generic. This is because this drug can lead to very serious health conditions when it is combined with other drugs. It can also be harmful to other patients who are suffering from other diseases. According to the health professionals, Sildenafil should not be used by the glaucoma patients, it can also be harmful to patients who are under nitrate treatments because it reacts badly with nitrates and in turn lowers your blood pressure tremendously. Patients who are suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other blood problems among others should not use Sildenafil unless when they can consume it is small quantities.

Also men who are over sixty five years should avoid Sildenafil unless when they can take it in small quantities. Sildenafil should only be used by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction but only after undergoing the necessary checkups that reveal that they are fit for its medication. Pregnant women are strictly restricted from taking Sildenafil because it can affect the fetus, also breastfeeding women should not use the drug because it can be found in the breast milk and this can put your child’s life at risk. This explains why you have to consult and inform your doctor when you are planning to get pregnant.

Sildenafil is a strong drug that should not be misused. This is because taking it in high amounts can lead to very serious side effects that can put your life at risk. Sildenafil is a prescription drug therefore before you start using it, you have to consult your doctor, inform him concerning your health history and any other medication that you are currently using. Do not stop taking Sildenafil unless when you have been advised by your doctor. Note that Sildenafil medication should be stopped gradually therefore you must contact your doctor before doing so in order to avoid any serious problem that can arise.

You should only take a single tablet per day or in every twenty four hours though at times your doctor can advise you to take it after forty eight hours depending on your health condition. Sildenafil Generic can only show its effects when you are sexually stimulated, if not, it will always remain in the background. Remember that Sildenafil is not a hormone and that it cannot prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis among others therefore care must be taken.

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